Friday, February 26, 2010


Happy 24th Birthday Syazwan !!!
Thousand miles away .. But u will always be near to our heart !! Miss U ...

Syazwan Pic: Credit to Elyza Johari

After work, I balik siap2 and terus pick-up Azly ... First, kami berdua pi cari lilin dulu .. lepas tu pikir2 mana la nk cari cupcakes... Hmmm .... pikir punya pikir... last2 kami end up ke Coffee Bean coz kat situ ada Muffins..

Lepas snap pic... trus upload gamba kat page Syazwan... Selang beberapa minit, we received call from him all the way from Surrey, London.. ckp pon tersekat sekat .. menangis la tu.. teharu sgt.. hehheehhe

Petikan dari petikan notes kat Facebook Syazwan:

" ..... in the middle of the lunch, i received a msg from fb said both of my best buddies sent me a picture. I was so surprised to see the picture because both of them actually celebrating my birthday in coffee bean in Malaysia!!! U guys are the best!!! Miss u both like crazy!! ... "